Programme Council

Advisory body for the director of the institution consists of over a dozen eminent personalities – representatives of the sculptors’ circle, academic circles and state administration. The first Programme Council was appointed in 1987. According to the originators and father-members its aim was to define the artistic directions for the activity of the CRP, and especially the programme of exhibitions, the scope of publishing activity and the ways of building the collection. Additionally, the council was supposed to have an auxiliary voice in the matters regarding the functioning and development of the institution – including the investments, arrangement of the sculpting studios and specialist workshops, as well as other social matters. Prof Sławoj Ostrowski from the Gdańsk Art Academy was the first chair of the council, and in 1989, Prof Jan Berdyszak from the Poznań Fine arts Academy took over. His engagement and initiatives contributed to the creation of the artistic platform on which the CRP based its activity.

Berdyszak was succeeded by: Prof Adam Myjak from the Warsaw ASP (2000–2003, Prof Zbigniew Makarewicz from ASP in Wrocław (2003–2005) and Prof Jan Stanisław Wojciechowski from the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw (2005–2008).

In the years of 2008-2014 the chair of the Council was again prof. Adam Myjak succedeed by prof. Kamil Kuskowski of the Academy of Art in Szczecin (2014-2018). Since December 2018 the Council is presided over by prof. Marta Smolińska – a curator, art historian, art critic and a lecturer in the Art University in Poznań.

Programme Council

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