Ewa Maria Śmigielska „Follow the Dragon”

Orangery Gallery

Ewa Maria Śmigielska

Follow the Dragon

1 May – 11 July 2021

Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko


Composer: Wojtek Blecharz

Sound Director: Antoni Mantorski

Curator: Weronika Elertowska

Poster design: Pionty

Infographics: Magdalena Małczyńska-Umeda

Map development: Sylwia Dominik




The triptych Follow the Dragon is a new performative sculpture. It was realized by Ewa Maria Śmigielska invited by the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko. The artist deals with space and the way visual forms impact in it. She creates sites where people’s functioning is significant – it gives shape to space, changes it depending on their expression, emotional states, and finally: it serves to conduc a dialogue.

Ewa Maria Śmigielska reaches for the mythical figure of the dragon to tell about her understanding of time and space, their mutual interrelation and coupling of forces, the flow of energy. Her installation expresses the vibration that appears in people and that heralds the changes happening to them. The artist finds inspiration in various myths and legends to create a syncretic space of thoughts. She addresses such themes as equality, justice, transformation caused by the passage of time. The interweaving motifs and symbolism of various cultures provide a pretext for emotional journey of artists and the audience.

The presented installation consists of neon sculptures and porcelain objects, plastic forms used for redefining the existing places and at the same time engaging viewers to co-create the experience conjured by the artist. Following the title dragon, the viewers enter the space of Brandt’s Palace, the Orońsko park and the Orangery Gallery and simultaneously undertake a mental journey in time to the sources of Chinese culture, as well as confront the challenges posed by their own mind. Three episodes and three dissimilar spaces constituting the artist’s installation are linked by the sound layer composed by Wojtek Blecharz, one of the leading Polish contemporary composers.



Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko


Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

Faculty of Design, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

Faculty of Design, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

Creative Work Centre in Radziejowice

Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport


Authors’ Association ZAiKS



Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

The Asia and Pacific Museum

Warsaw ZOO

Bartsch Law Office

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