Secondary schools

Palace full of secrets

– visiting Józef Brandt’s Palace, learning key facts from the history of Poland in the 17th century basing on the analysis of reproductions of historical paintings;  introduction to learning calligraphy

Methods: talks on history, active listening, analysis of photographic materials, finding analogies, artistic activities

Time: 90 mins

Price: 6 PLN / person

Anatomy lesson

– the class is a combination of art workshop with a biology lesson, lecture on human anatomy ends with a workshop of casting a hand in plaster

Time: 60 mins

Price: 10 PLN / person


Workshops for temporary exhibitions

You can find something for yourself in every exhibition. All you need is to learn careful observation. But ‘learning to look’ is not everything. During the class, its key part is a workshop in various painting and sculptural techniques. The course of lessons and propositions of artistic activities depend on the theme and works presented in current exhibitions. And the Orońsko galleries keep showing something new!

The classes are adapted to the age of participants.

Methods: popularizing art, active listening, observation and experiencing, consolidating theory through workshop practice, manual work in various techniques.

Time: 60 - 90 mins

Price: 6 PLN / participant

The topics of events connected with current exhibitions to be found on the CRP website, under the bookmark Education.


The alphabet of sculpture – revising material for the school leaving exam (matura)

The Alphabet of sculpture is a short lesson on the basic terms from the history of art. Diagonalism, happening, tympanum… What exactly do these mysterious terms mean? Naturally, you could start browsing dictionaries. However, we suggest a simpler solution.

During the class at the Centre of Polish Sculpture you will get to know the terms useful not only for the fans of history of art but also for people who want to extend their knowledge about culture. The lesson is enriched with a multimedia presentation, presenting examples of model works illustrating particular terms.

The Alphabet of Sculpture is a wonderful alternative for school lessons, dedicated both to the final year students and to other students of secondary schools – especially those of arts profile.

Time: 60 mins

Price: 6 PLN / person

Great sculptors – revising material for the school leaving exam (matura)

The classes allow students to familiarize themselves with the works of outstanding artists. However, the choice of works is limited to only one branch of art – sculpture.

The subject matter is presented chronologically, besides the lecture is organized around key problems  - the participants will have an opportunity to follow the changes in three dimensional forms from antiquity to contemporary times. To a certain extent, the lecture has been inspired by Giorgio Vasari’s Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects. The history of sculpture will be presented  through the angle of biographies of the most famous sculptors.

The lecture is enriched with a presentation of appropriate visual material. The participants will also have an opportunity to see examples of contemporary sculpture, while visiting the exhibition.

Time: 60 mins

Price: 6 PLN / person

Learning goes to the forest

– (seasonally, from April to October) a field lesson which is a combination of artistic and ecological education. It aims at building bonds with nature and drawing inspirations from the natural world; creating land-art sculptures

Method: active listening, presentation of art, talk, experiencing nature, artistic workshop

Time: 60 mins

Price : 6 PLN / person

What is sculpture like?

– learning to ‘look’ at a work of art (tools for interpretation and formal analysis); lecture in history of art; games and activities in the museum space.


Summer activity centres, winter camps and artistic open air workshops

We would like to invite teachers and principals of secondary schools. The stay in Orońsko means attractive relaxation for teenagers, combined with elements of artistic and natural education. The programme of extended school trips and artistic open air workshops has been developed in collaboration with teachers and educators and is adjusted to the age and preferences of participants.

We offer:

  • Accommodation and full board at the Sculptor’s House in the compound of the Centre of Polish Sculpture
  • Base for outdoor games and activities, place for bonfire
  • Educational room on selected dates
  • Conducting recreational, educational and artistic classes (in the scope of painting, ceramics, sculpture, photography and film)
  • Guided tours of exhibitions (Coach House Gallery, Orangery, Chapel, Museum of Contemporary Sculpture)
  • Museum lessons at Józef Brandt’s Palace
  • Field activities within ecological education
  • Visiting a forester and a walk along the historical tree avenue
  • Sightseeing trips in the vicinity and further away
  • Meetings with artists
  • Film shows
  • Field games
  • Relaxation and recreation in a unique place

If you would like to obtain more detailed information about the programme, prices, conditions of stay and bookings, please contact the staff of Education Department. Call 48 618 40 27 ext.19 or 18, or mail:


Holidays in Orońsko

Orońsko Academy

Orońsko Academy is one of the highlights of the educational programme conducted  in the area of the Centre of Polish Sculpture. The project is based on several-day- long stays of children and teenagers and involves a wider educational, theoretical and workshop range. It is a variation of artistic workshops (in the field of sculpture, painting, ceramics, photography), connected with learning about the institution and surrounding landscape attractions as well as an introduction to sculptural circles. Orońsko Academy is intended for schools or classes with an art profile, to clubs or other centres for young people keen on art. During our activities the participants have an opportunity to test various artistic techniques, not only sculptural ones. The conscious reference to the tradition of ‘Orońsko Free Academy’* sets a standard we want to model on. 

Date: set individually for groups booking a stay

Programme outline:

3-day holiday – 3 workshop classes, 2 museum lessons, bonfire

5-day holiday – 5 workshop classes, 3 museum lessons, a trip, bonfires

7-day holiday – 7 workshop classes, 3 museum lessons, 2 trips, field game,  bonfires

10-day holiday – 11 workshop classes, 3 museum lessons, 2 trips, field game, a walking trip, meeting with an artist,  bonfires

In the case of 5, 7 and 10-day holidays, the group should have at least 10 people. The workshop classes and museum lessons are conducted by experienced educators and artists.


380 PLN – 3-day holiday/person

620 PLN – 5-day holiday / person (plus the cost of trip - to be decided)

870 PLN – 7-day holiday / person (plus the cost of trips - to be decided)

1130 PLN – 10-day holiday (plus the cost of trips - to be decided)

Teachers or assistants – the fee for accommodation and full board (80 PLN/ day)

Participants of the Orońsko Academy stay in the rooms at the Sculptor’s House in Orońsko, in the compound which is the seat of the Centre of Polish Sculpture. There is also a canteen serving traditional meals: breakfast, dinner and supper. During the holiday, the participants have at their disposal a sculpture studio as a base for their creative activities – both included in the programme and individual ones. There is a possibility of using craftsman’s services (baking in ceramic kilns, using the carpenter’s, founder’s and smith’s shops and others – according to the price list  link)

*Orońsko Free Academy was an informal artistic group formed by friends and disciples of Józef Brandt (Alfred Wierusz-Kowalski, Jan Chełmiński, Wojciech Kossak, Jan Rosen, Apoloniusz Kędzierski, Władysław Czachórski and others). Every year they organized artistic open air workshops at the estate of their mentor.

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