Contemporary Sculpture Garden

Let's Watch Humans Die... / The Exhibition that No One will See

Exhibition on the roofs of the Centre of Polish Sculpture

25 April – 7 June 2020

The Exhibition that No One Will See is a combination of Ida Karkoszka’s original project Let’s watch Humans Die… with the concept of the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko to create an event-symbol of the situation in which we have found ourselves as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pig, the rat and the raven top the list of the most intelligent animals on our planet and at the same time they all evoke pejorative associations, attributed to them by man. The series of photographs of Ida Karkoszka’s sculptures shows this threesome watching in what way we are destroying our world. The animals appear in exploited and abandoned places, in landfills, rubble, in the places where lush greenery had to succumb to the uncompromising expansion of our species. In Orońsko they are looking down at the deserted space of the institution of culture…

Today when it turns out that our impact on the planet, or the way of travelling and unlimited consumerism also cause spreading of deadly viruses, Ida’s sculptures acquire a new, gloomy meaning….

IDA KARKOSZKA (b.1985) Studies at the Faculty of Sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Master’s degree work, titled From the Depth… under the direction of Prof. Antoni Janusz Pastwa (2009), annex in medallic art at Prof. Hanna Jelonek, titled Signum temporis.

Laureate of many awards and distinctions. She has presented her works at individual and group exhibitions. The artist’s works can be found in collections in Poland and abroad.

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