Sculpture Today 4: Anti-monument: non-traditional forms of commemoration



Sculpture Today 4: Anti-monument: non-traditional forms of commemoration

Editors: Eulalia Domanowska and Marta Smolińska

Format: 260 x 240 mm, vol. 416 pages

Price: 40 PLN

Texts gathered in this volume, written by theorists, curators, artists attempt to provide an answer to questions regarding the monument and anti-monument. The participants of the conference which was held In Orońsko tried to relate to the questions posed to them : What form of commemoration are adequate to the contemporary mentality of the public living in the post-media epoch, dominated by virtual reality? What anti-monuments are able to commemorate selected events in the times of crises and migration? Can an anti-monument function in virtual reality? What events tend to be commemorated by anti-monuments? Since the days of Jochen Gerz’s first works, has there established a canon of anti-monuments? How does an anti-monument become processual and interactive? Anti-monuments and the political and historical context? What role does the anti-monument assign to the audience?

The book is published in Polish and English language.

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