Danka Jarzyńska Impulse

Chapel Gallery

Danka Jarzyńska


Chapel Gallery

16 January – 14 March 2021

Curator: Jarosław Pajek


A drop falling into the water results in ripples, a grain falling onto the ground gives the beginning of new life. An impulse is a stimulus or signal – condition necessary for action, existence, change. Something that can shake us out of routine and redirect towards mindfulness, thanks to which our choices will be more conscious. It is on such choices that our condition depends, and its diagnoses have become very alarming recently. It no longer gives the feeling of security. What is important seems to elude us, we are further and further away from ourselves, as well as lost and confused in ourselves.

The artist creates forms which aim to make the viewers concentrate and urge them to an internal meeting with themselves. It is natural materials that dominate in her sculptures: marble, granite, bronze and wood. The juxtaposition of matter and the space ‘between’ it is a generator of meanings for the artist. You can speak here about an attempt  to face nature, striving for a balance between creation and destruction.


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