Sculpture ateliers

Sculpture ateliers

The Centre for Sculptors’ Creative Work has at its disposal six sculpting studios, of 64 m2 each and four specialist workshops. The sculpting studios are assigned for individual artists or groups who rent them. They have been adapted for round-the – year use. Each studio contains a bathroom, a double lodge with the Internet connection. The specialist workshops will do all kinds of craft services requested by artists. Our qualified staff are able to deal with any technical order, auxiliary to the sculpting art. On the premises, you can also rent a variety of specialist tools.

The ceramic workshop is equipped with two electric kilns, made by the German Rhode company, with the capacity of 0.35 and 0.75 m3 as well as an outdoor kiln for burning ceramics according to the old Japanese raku technique. The equipment is complemented with a glazing chamber, a rolling mill, a selection of electric and pedal potter’s wheels as well as sets of tools for processing clay. Various kinds of clays, glazes and forms facilitate the production of both finished ceramic works and models for further realizations.

The carpenter’s workshop provides possibilities for manual and machine woodworking. It has at its disposal a machine park with a polisher, planer, buzz saw and a grinder. All the wooden constructions for artists’ needs can be produced here, as well as special commissions, e.g. for museum assortment, i.e. easels, stretchers of canvas, plinths, cubes, boxes for the transportation of exhibits.

The foundry continues the ancient traditions of casting techniques – using the lost wax process or sand technique. The equipment of the workshop includes tools for preparing silicon forms, moulding box pinholes, an oven for smelting bronze and crucible pots for carrying and filling the forms with liquid bronze. There are also auxiliary tools for engraving and for patinizing the casts.

The smithy, whose traditions go back to Brandt’s days, realizes all commissions connected with metal works – basic smithery or forging, welded metal constructions, cutting metal sheets, turning, milling, drilling. Making metal tools for sculptors using traditional methods of processing wood or stone is a separate field. These are various chisels or gravers.

Next to studio-lodges and specialist workshops, the artists have at their disposal a large sculpting square, where roofed stalls can be sectioned off. Each stand is equipped with water supply and power installation where compressors can be plugged in.

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