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Anthony Cragg

Date of birth 1949

Great Britain

The British sculptor is one of the best known and most acclaimed artists of his generation. Laureate of many awards, holders of several honorary doctorates. In 1977 he moved to Wuppertal in Germany, where he set up his studio. At the beginning of his work, the artist was using recycled materials, building multi-element spatial compositions or collages, assembled on the surface of the floor or on the walls. He produces his sculptures in stone, clay, bronze, metal, glass, synthetic materials, such as polystyrene, carbon fibre or glass fibre, which he subjects to various transformations. Cragg draws inspiration from the surrounding nature and various domains such as biology, physics, chemistry. These interests lead him to experiments with materials and with the form. His sculptures often assume abstract, organic or figurative shapes with a complex and dynamic arrangement. Author of series of drawings and watercolours which depict the process of building the form.

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