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Antoni Janusz Pastwa

Date of birth 1944

Studies: Faculty of Sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, 1964-1070. In Prof Marian Wnuk’s studio, then Prof Stanisław Słonina’s studio. Diploma in the studio of Prof Bogdan Chmielewski. Since 1974 connected with the Faculty of Sculpture of his alma mater. In 1992 he got the title of professor. Since 1995 he has conducted the studio of sculpture at the Faculty of Conservation and Restoration of Artworks and at the Faculty of Sculpture (since 2001). Three times elected to be the dean of the Faculty of Sculpture. Long-standing member of the Programme Council of the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko. Author of small scale and monumental sculptures, monuments, medals, drawings. Co-author (with Adam Myjak) of Apollo’s Quadriga for the Wielki Theatre in Warsaw. Stipend of the Ministry of Culture and Art, 12979-1980, and of the Development of Creativity Fund, 1981. Laureate of awards, among others: of the Ministry of Culture and Art, 1996, 1998; the Cyprian Kamil Norwid Award for Apollo’s Quadriga, 2002; Gold Laurels in the domain of fine arts, Warsaw, 2004. Honored with the Silver Medal for Merits to Culture Gloria Artis, 2011.

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