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Janusz Bałdyga

Date of birth 1954

Studies: Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw. Diploma at the painting studio of Prof Stefan Gierowski, 1979; appendix to the diploma at Prof Stefan Owidzki’s Studio of Visual Structures, 1979. Since 1979 member of the Akademia Ruchu [Movement Academy] active as an interdisciplinary art centre. Since 1982 he has conducted an original didactic cycle in the form of workshops, theoretical classes and lectures. Curator of  art workshops. Author of a workshop project ‘With art in the presence of art’, taking place at the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko. He runs Performance Studio at the Faculty of Sculpture and Spatial Actions at the University of Arts in Poznan (former Academy of Fine Arts). Bałdyga belongs to the top Polish performers. During his actions he builds narrations employing simple, minimalist means applied on the principle of opposition and contradictions. For this purpose he uses drawings, installations, objects made from wooden beams, planks, ropes, nails, which complement the whole statement.

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