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Leszek Golec & Tatiana Czekalska

Czekalska + Golec

Artistic duo active since 1996

The work of the duo may be described as ecologically engaged. In their works they emphasize the aspect of spirituality and the relationships between people and the world of nature. They appeal for ethical treatment of animals and all living creatures. They often refer to Christian tradition by their allusions to the Bible and by using church artifacts in their works.

Leszek Golec, b. 1959

Higher College of Photography, Warsaw, 1985-1989. Since 1997 member of the International Supreme Master Ching Hai Meditation Associations. Photographer, curator of exhibitions, author of installations, sculptures and objects.

Tatiana Czekalska, b. 1966

Studies: The Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts, Lodz. Diploma at the Faculty of Clothes Design (1995). Author of photographs, paintings, drawings, sculptures and clothes designs.

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