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Mirosław Bałka

Date of birth 1958

Studies: Faculty of Sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, 1980-1985. Diploma in Prof Jan Kucz’s studio, 1985. Together with Mirosław Filonik and Marek Kijewski he co-created the art group Neue Bieriemiennost. From 2005 to 2007, visiting professor at the Faculty of Sculpture and Spatial Actions Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, where since 2008 he has conducted the Studio of Spatial Actions at the Institute of Intermedia. Laureate of Passport of ‘Polityka’ magazine in the field of visual arts (1995). Author of the monument to the Victims of the Catastrophe of Estonia Ferry in Stockholm, 1998.

Initially he was creating figurative sculptures in cement or jute. Towards the 80s the human figure was replaced with compositions of symbolic meaning in which he uses such materials as terrazzo, salt, soap, ash, steel, felt or concrete. Author of sculptures, objects, installations, environment projects.

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