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Ryszard Grzyb, Andrzej Kwietniewski, Andrzej Świetlik

Ryszard Grzyb, b. 1956

Studies: State Higher College of Plastic Arts, Wrocław, 1976-1979. From 1979 to 1981 continued studies at the Faculty of Painting, Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw. 1982-1992 Member of the  creative team Gruppa (Paweł Kowalewski, Jarosław Modzelewski, Włodzimierz Pawlak, Marek Sobczyk and Ryszard Woźniak) and together they exhibited and participated in artistic actions. Co-founder of the magazine ‘Oj dobrze już’, published by Gruppa in the years 1984-188. Author of paintings and poetry.

Andrzej Kwietniewski, b. 1951

Studies: Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences, University of Lodz. From 1979 to 2007 together with Marek Janiak, Andrzej Świetlik, Andrzej Wielogórski and Adam Rzepecki they co-created the avant-garde artistic group Lodz Kaliska. Arranger, director, stage designer. Author of installations, texts and satirical cartoons published in an artistic magazine ‘Tango’.

Andrzej Świetlik, b. 1952

Lecturer of the Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk. He practices artistic, promotional, and press photography. Author of artistic actions and performances.


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