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Stanisław Kazimierz Ostrowski

Date of birth 1879
Date of death 1947

Studies: Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow, 1895-1900, under the direction of professors Alfred Daun and Konstanty Laszczka. He obtained a stipend to study  sculpture in Florence under Augusto Rivalta and in Rome. He presented his works at the Society of Art Lovers in Warsaw and in Krakow, at Aleksander Krywult’s Salon in Warsaw and in Paris, Venice, Vienna. One of the founders of the literary and artistic magazine ‘Chimera’. He spent the years 1906-1913 in Paris where he set up the Society of Polish Artists (1910). Author of the Tomb of Unknown Soldier, Warsaw, 1925; the Grunwald Monument (equestrian monument of King Władysław Jagiełło), Central Park, New York, 1939; polychromes of the tenements in the Old Town in Warsaw (1928). Author of portrait busts, medals, designs of coins, monuments and tombstones. He died in New York where he emigrated during the WWII.

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