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A series of online talks within the framework of the Centre of Polish Sculpture’s own programme – ‘Sculpture in the public space for Niepodległa – 2021’

The series of meetings organized in November by the Centre of Polish Sculpture initiates a discussion about the site, form and the relationship between sculpture and the public space. Participants include theoreticians and practitioners representing various professional areas and circles, so as to very broadly present and confront various points of view and priorities defining not only the possibilities of realizing artistic projects, but also determining their social reception and context.

On the basis of past and present experiences, we will try to come up with a diagnosis and define the principles which might serve as a set of guidelines and postulates taken into consideration during the decision- taking process regarding the selection, form and realization of objects and creative activities in the public space.

The series of meetings will start with an analysis of the social and cultural dimension of the public space as well as the complex processes of its shaping with the participation of many actors and a plethora of assumed effects. We will reflect on the legacy and tradition of ‘art in the public space’. On the basis of case studies and contemporary reception of historical realizations we will indicate fundamental benefits and threats, needs and strategies of activities which may be taken in the future. We will give voice to practitioners – participants of the investment process and artistic process – artists and urban planners, architects, self-government employees and conservation services, as well to activists engaged in activities in the shared space. Their experiences and reflections will provide crucial points of reference in formulating conclusions and further guidelines.

Meeting moderators:

Dr hab. Katarzyna Chrudzimska-Uhera, profesor of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University

Kamila Szejnoch, visual artist

The meetings will be accessible online. After filling in the registration form, the persons willing to participate as a listener/discussion participant will receive an activation link.



The Centre of Polish Sculpture’s own programme ‘Sculpture in public space for Niepodległa – 2021’.

Co-financed by the means of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage


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