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Andrzej Mitan

Date of creation 2011
Technique print, film, engraving, digital film recording, materials: paper, glass, silver (coin), DVD
Size 14,5 x 14,5 x 7 cm
ID number CRP.RZ.1142/1-4
Method and date of collection Purchase, 2017

The project Concerto for Fish is dedicated to Emmett Williams (1925-2007), one of the leaders of the international Fluxus movement. Meeting Williams and his tale about a performance/action in a fish store became an impulse for creating the artistic action whose particular elements were happening from April to October 2011. As a result, the following were created: a film, objects described as fish tanks and a catalogue made by Marcin Kucewicz with full photographic documentation of particular stages of the project.

The objects in the form of small fish tanks were filled with water from the sources of four rivers: the Zagożdżonka, the Radomka, the Molnica and the Vistula, with which the artist connected his memories. The rivers symbolize all the sides of the world, they are a reference to human life which starts at the source and ends at the mouth. A journey to the sources is simultaneously a sentimental return to the past times, an expression of the idea of eternal journey. In the fish tanks, silver coins were placed with initials AM, symbolizing hope for a return to the visited place as well as a CD.

During the action, the artist was accompanied by a group of observers-participants. During the following stage, a film was made which registered fish – discuses. While recording the fish, the artist performed vocal parts and his son, Karol, played a special musical score on keyboards.

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