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Artistic workshops

Date To book, get in touch with the Education Department
Duration 60 min.
Price 10 PLN per person

During the workshops you may discover a new face of familiar plastic techniques. Sculpture – mobile  made of paper, or maybe soft to be cuddled. Painting – realistic or experimental and abstract? Theatre – what does it feel like to create your own story? Photography – not digital in a second, but requiring patience, resembling an ancient technique of illustration.

Sounds interesting?  Feel free to make your choice out of a whole palette of options!

All artistic classes are held in the workshop space and are intended for groups of max. 25 people.


Workshops on offer:

We are all photosensitive

(participants’ age: 10-18)

Experimental photography – learning about the historical method of developing pictures connected with practical activities allowing for producing your own ‘old photographs’, without the use of a camera, in the technique of cyanotype.

Seasonal classes conducted from May to September.

Colour Laboratory

(participants’ age: 6-13)

Getting familiar with the ‘painterly’ past of Orońsko, experimenting with the technique of watercolour, learning about colour and experiments in mixing colours.

Collage and template

(participants’ age: 6-13)

Selected works from the CRP collection will be presented in the form of templates and will be used by the workshop participants to play with. Combining various plastic techniques will lead to the creation of original works, full of astonishing contrasts.

Brandt’s mysterious manor house in 3D

(participants’ age: 6-13)

Each of the participants will build their own paper version of Józef Brandt’s manor house. Using the unique pop-up technique, which involves cutting out and sticking in elements, we will create a spatial 3D model.

Occasional cards and the art of gifting

(participants’ age: 6-13)

The participants will learn how to make an occasional card of unique aesthetic qualities – with your own hands. What matters is appropriate combinations of colour, texture and the basics of calligraphy. The workshops help in practicing concentration and focus.

Wojciech Fangor’s Signature

(participants’ age: 6-13)

This year marks 100 years from the birth of this outstanding artist – painter, designer, sculptor and poster artist. His work, Signature, which is part of the CRP collection, has become a permanent landmark of the Orońsko sculpture park. It will provide inspiration for creating our own spatial inscriptions.

Orońsk the horse

(participants’ age: 6-13)

Józef Brandt was an eminent painter but also an expert and masterly horse-breeder. Participants will make their own, mobile sculpture and will take part in a mini-play titled Mr Brandt’s Horses.

Words gone with the wind – creative activities with kinetic sculpture

(participants’ age: 13-18)

Participants will create a work consisting of elements which, combined, will make a mobile sculpture. The workshops introduce elements of exercises in expression and spatial imagination.

Kamishibai theatre

(participants’ age: 6-13)

Street theatre for children inspired by Far East. During the workshop we will draw on the Japanese technique of storytelling using illustrated paper charts.

Anatomy lesson

(participants’ age: 6-18)

Workshops involve making a cast of your hand. Specially selected materials allow for obtaining a hyper-realistic effect: even your fingerprints will remain visible.

Medallic art

(participants’ age: 10-18)

Medallic art is a domain of artistic activity commemorating important figures and events. Workshop participants will prepare their own projects and will make bas-relief forms in plaster.


(participants’ age: 6-13)

Stone, wood, metal… does sculpture always have to be hard? Contemporary history of art proves that spatial forms can also be made from soft textiles. Participants will be able to create their own works which might be both a sculpture and e.g. a cuddly toy.

Ball at Amelia’s

(participants’ age: 6-18)

Over the years, Orońsko has had many owners. During this workshop the participants will learn the history of the palace, and by making paper puppets of Orońsko inhabitants will consolidate their knowledge. The class will be summed up and finished with a common dance of all the created figures.


Zapraszamy przedszkola, szkoły, świetlice środowiskowe, uniwersytety trzeciego wieku do udziału w zajęciach organizowanych przez Dział Edukacji Centrum Rzeźby Polskiej w Orońsku. Organizujemy spotkania o różnorodnej tematyce dopasowanej do wieku uczestników. Prowadzą je edukatorzy a czasami sami artyści. Zajęcia rozwijają zdolności plastyczne, poznawcze i umożliwiają realizację programów kształcenia zintegrowanego: historii, języka polskiego, plastyki, przyrody i ekologii.

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W godzinach od 10.00 do 15.00


  • 1Papierowa marionetka przedstawiająca Józefa Brandta z pędzlem w dłoni
  • 2Prace dzieci przypominające misie przytulanki
  • 3Ośmiornica wykonana ze sznurków
  • 4Zabawkowa postać wykonana z szarego papieru, piór i muszli
  • 5Kartka okolicznościowa z wystającymi elementami (róża, sznurek)
  • 6.Czarny i biały marionetkowy konik z papieru, sznurka i koralików
  • 7.Narysowany byk na szarej kartce
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