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Student internship

Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko invites interns.

Basic criteria of intern recruitment:

  • Students of the 2nd and 3rd year of undergraduate and Master’s degree studies, students of post-diploma studies, artistic, social or humanities studies, first of all of sculpture, graphic design, history of art, history, anthropology, ethnology, special needs pedagogy as well as graduates of these studies.
  • Age – up to 30.
  • Very good organizational skills.
  • Friendliness and candour in contacts with people.
  • Interests in art, history, education and ecology.

Length of internship

  • The manner of implementation of internship will result from direct arrangement between the intern and institution offering internship. It might be any combination of hours and days, resulting in 160 – 320 hours.
  • The factual length of the internship will each time be arranged directly between the intern and the institution, and will depend on the possibility and needs of the institution of culture as well as the intern’s timetable during the academic year.
  • In the case of internship away from the intern’s home, the Centre of Polish Sculpture covers the cost of accommodation at a hotel for staff.

Forms of internship

  • Support of educational activities in organizing outdoor events, guided-tours and workshops.
  • Support of promotional activities.
  • Support of educational activities.
  • Workshop collaboration with education team and resident artists – ceramics, foundry, smithy.
  • Conceptual activities in the area of landscaping.

Obligations of the Centre of Polish sculpture

  • Taking on an intern, the CRP provides them with a work station, defines the profile of the internship (concentrated on tasks) and ensures medical care.
  • CRP appoints a mentor for interns, who will be responsible for preparing a plan of the internship and its coordination with the intern before the beginning of their training. The mentor will be responsible for the right realization and course of internship.
  • CRP signs a contract with interns for the duration of the internship.
  • After completing the internship the CRP issues the certificate of internship.

Why is the Centre of Polish Sculpture a good place for internship?

  • The Internship at the CRP means collaboration with specialists and experienced staff.
  • Internship at the CRP is the opportunity to spend time in a unique place, in the historical ‘artistic enclave’ of rich tradition, in the surroundings of nature.
  • The institution provides the opportunity to take part in workshops and courses happening at the time of internship (e.g. ceramic art workshops).
  • The institution ensures accommodation to people living away from Szydłowiec or Radom county.

Are the internships paid?

No, interns do not receive any salary for the participation in the project. They gain valuable experience, the opportunity to develop passions, to broaden knowledge about the functioning of an institution of culture.

Who insures interns?

The internships take place on the basis of agreements about voluntary work. Legal aspects  pertaining to the insurance of interns are regulated by the act of 24 April 2003 about charitable activities and voluntary work.

Do interns receive a certificate of internship?

After completing the internship, the intern receives a certificate confirming internship. The condition for receiving the certificate is submitting a full set of documents (plan of internship and a report on the internship).

Contact, information:

Dział Edukacji Centrum Rzeźby Polskiej

Ul. Topolowa 1, Orońsko

tel: 48 618 45 16 w. 19


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