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… Bóg w dom / God at Home*

From the artists’ private collections: Robert Kuśmirowski + Andrzej Różycki + Xawery Wolski + Gustaw Zemła

Place Chapel
Start date 04.09.2021
Curator Leszek Golec
End date 28.11.2021

The artists invited to the project collect old icons, old religious sculptures, fragments of church furnishing,…

‘ […] Collectors […] are both aware of the value of what they have managed to gather, and what they do not own yet, but what constitutes a vital complement to the collection. From the perspective of psychoanalysis, in extreme cases, they may pose a threat to others because they do not hesitate to break accepted ethical norms […]’**

The selected objects-props, have transformed the gallery into a deserted manorial chapel – set design for a film#historical#horror#exorcism#religious#.

The duality of associations – chapel / gallery, the double value of a crucifix – religious /artistry – provide but two of the many reasons for inviting viewers to this exhibition.


Robert Kuśmierowski, b. 1973, multimedia artist, pedagogue, laureate of the Polityka magazine Passport Award and a yearly award of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for visual arts.

Xawery Wolski, b. 1960, sculptor, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, in 1984 at the Academie des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and then at the Studio School of Drawing, painting and Sculpture in New York. His signature medium - terracotta, situates him close to handicraft in its primeval, highly mythologized form.

Gustaw Zemła, b. 1931, sculptor, pedagogue specializing in monument and religious sculpture, among others author of the Monument to Silesian Insurgents in Katowice.

Andrzej Różycki, b. 1942, film director, multimedia artist, script writer, theoretician of art. In the 70s and 80s he collaborated with the Wytwórnia Filmów Oświatowych [Educational Film Production] in Lodz where he made several dozen documentary films, mainly on ethnographical and anthropological themes.

*Gość w dom, Bóg w dom [Guest at home, God at home] is a proverb referring to the warm welcome that hosts should extend to their guests. These words, spoken at the beginning of a visit express the joy at having the guest.

** Mariusz Knorowski, ‘Collection’.

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