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Gustaw Zemła draws

Place Museum of Contemporary Sculpture, Long Gallery
Start date 08.10.2023
Curator Jakub Zemła
End date 11.02.2024
Cooperation Leszek Golec

Selecting 24 drawings from a collection of almost 2,000 is a difficult task. The drawings of my father – Kazimierz Gustaw Zemła – are divided into 24 thematic collections. In general, the entire collection of drawings can be divided into two main trends:

The first – a professional and workshop trend linked to everything related to the work of the sculptor. My father started every commission, competition or his own work with a large number of working sketches, often made on a random scrap of paper, a newspaper or a napkin. This was due to the fact that paper was not always at hand when inspiration, and with it ideas, came. These are typical working sketches.

The second – recreational, related to the passion for drawing. My father used to drive and travel with a sketchbook. On various occasions he would sketch for himself, as drawing was also a passion of his. This trend is dominated by outdoor drawings, studies, portraits, figures, museum sketches, fantasies and angels.

In the exhibition in Orońsko, we present sketches for several monuments. Looking at the first stage of the work, you can see how the idea materialised on two-dimensional flat paper to become, over time, a three-dimensional competition idea and then a sculpture that exists in the public space. The sketch/drawing is thus the author’s first materialised vision of the future sculpture.

The exhibition presents sketches for the following completed sculptures: the Silesian Insurgents’ Monument in Katowice, the Polegli Niepokonani Monument in Warsaw, the Czynu Polaków Monument in Szczecin, the Podlaska Calvary in Serpelice, Tony Halik’s tombstone, as well as sketches for unrealised works that were cancelled at the competition stage, e.g. the competition for the monument to Juliusz Słowacki.

Exhibition curator Jakub Zemła

Patron of the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko
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  • 1. GUSTAW_ZEMŁA,Cykl Szkice i projekty do pomników. Tytuł Szkic do pomnika Polegli Niepokonani. Technika tusz. Data 1972r.
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