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Orońsko Free Academy

Jubilee meetings with art and handicrafts at the Centre of Polish Sculpture

Place Sculptor’s House
Start date 05.11.2021
End date 30.12.2021

‘Orońsko Free Academy - Jubilee meetings with art and handicrafts at the Centre of Polish Sculpture’ is a project implemented within the framework of the ‘Kultura Dostępna’ – Accessible Culture, run by the Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sport. The aim of the project is presenting the relations between an institution of audiences of all age groups especially those which cannot participate in cultural life on a daily basis, due to territorial, economic or mental reasons.

Orońsko Free Academy refers to the historical events in the area of the former Józef Brandt’s estate, his oeuvre, as well as to the history of the development of an artistic colony, stormy history during war times and the period of transformation of the former estate into an institution of culture, which provides support for sculptors.

Thanks to the project, members of partner organizations participating in the activities organized by the Centre of Polish Sculpture had an opportunity to take part in a series of workshops in the area of handicrafts: woodworking, ceramic art, linocut, stained glass, macramé, collage screen printing, calligraphy. It is during these classes that works were created, which are now presented at the Sculptor’s House.

The exhibition is an artistic debut for the people connected with this project. This presentation aims to portray the openness of the institution, its mission in supporting amateur work, but first and foremost it is supposed to elevate project participants as non-professional artists.

Project Partners:

Orońsko County

Mazovian Self-Government Teacher Development Centre, Radom Branch

Primary School in Guzów

The  Józef Brandt Primary School in Orońsko

GOPS Orońsko

Community Social Care Centre in Radom

Youth Educational Centre in Wierzbica

Youth Educational Centre in  Rusinów Konecki

Public Jordan’s Garden in Radom

Projekt „Wolna Akademia Orońska – jubileuszowe spotkania ze sztuką i rzemiosłem artystycznym w Centrum Rzeźby Polskiej” został zrealizowany w ramach programu MKDNiS "Kultura Dostępna 2021" przez Dział Edukacji Centrum Rzeźby Polskiej w Orońsku

Supported by the means of the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport within the framework of the programme ‘Kultura dostępna’ / Accessible Culture

  • Starszy mężczyzna oglądający obrazek wiszący na stelażu / Older men looking at picture hung from metal frame. Foto  Jan Gaworski
    Zdjęcie 3_1
  • Wejście do galerii Cafe Art. Zawieszone małe obrazki oraz dzwonki ceramiczne na stelażu / Gallery entrance. Small pictures and ceramic bells hung from metal frame. Foto. Urszula Kaszewska
    Zdjęcie 2_1
  • Grupa osób oglądających małe witraże zawieszone w oknie / Group of people looking at small stained glass items hung from window. Foto. Jan Gaworski
    Zdjęcie 1_1
  • Grupa starszych ludzi oglądających wystawę / Group of older people looking at the exhibition. Foto. Jan Gaworski
    zdjęcie 4_1
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