Monika Weiss - Nirbhaya

Chapel Gallery

Monika Weiss


Chapel Gallery

Curator: Weronika Elertowska


Monika Weiss is a prominent Polish-American artist living in New York. Over the past twenty-five years she has developed an aesthetic vocabulary of profound emotional impact. She works often with omitted or forgotten histories. Her works present a woman’s body, including her own, as a vehicle of memory and a potential site of transformation.  

The exhibition at Chapel Gallery is devoted to the artist’s forthcoming monument project Nirbhaya and includes a 3d model of the piece. The exhibition includes also three from the artist’s series of twelve large-scale drawings Dafne (for Nirbhaya) 2020, a drawing  triptych Sustenazo (Nosze) 2010 (collection CCA Ujazdowski Castle), as well a series of 19 short silent films and related musical compositions by the artist, collectively titled Two Laments (19 Cantos) 2015-2020.

Information about the forthcoming monument, related monographic publication and the series of panel discussions can be found here:,1663,monika_weiss__nirbhaya_



Monika Weiss, Dafne IX (for Nirbhaya), 2020, graphite powder, charcoal, dry pigments, water, latex on rice paper, 72 x 39 inches, courtesy the artist, photo: Jean Vong

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