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Jerzy Kałucki

Date of birth 1931

Studies: Faculty of Painting and Stage Design, Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow, 1951-1957, under professors: Zygmunt Radnicki and Andrzej Stopka. Diploma at the Faculty of Stage Design in Prof Andrzej Stopka’s studio. From 1958 to 1981 he was making stage designs for opera, theatre and television. In 1976 he became member of the Krakow Group. From 1981 to 2003 he conducted a painting studio at the State Higher College of Plastic Arts in Poznan. By using geometrical forms in his work the artist touches on the problem of space, light, colour and movement. Laureate of the Jan Cybis Award (2005). Author of paintings, stage designs, drawings, graphics and spatial forms on the borderline with installations.

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