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Forschoolsand kindergartens

Meeting at a museum, experiencing artworks and discussing personal impressions are the main aims achieved during museum lessons. Organized groups from schools and kindergartens may freely use the workshops, museum meetings, guided tours and field games organized by the education department, adjusted to the visitors’ age and needs. The nature of our 13-hectare park, permanent exhibition at Józef Brandt’s Palace and current exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Sculpture and Chapel or Orangery galleries provide opportunities for implementing the integrated learning syllabus of Polish, History, Art, Science and Biology at various stages of education. At the same time, they make children familiar with the magical world of art.

Forchildrenand families

‘Meetings with Art’ is the name of outdoor events and cyclical workshops happening at the Centre of Polish Sculpture and related to current exhibitions. They are addressed both to children and their carers. The organized games and activities are combined with activities developing inventiveness, imagination and visual sensitivity. They aim at helping visitors to understand various issues connected with contemporary art and culture that we encounter on a daily basis. During workshops we use the technical capacities offered by Orońsko studios. The classes usually last about 1.5 hours and consist of two parts: theoretical – introducing participants to the theme of the class; workshop – enabling guests to use the gathered information in practice.


Adult education combines artistic experience with fathoming knowledge about a particular topic. We heartily invite you to participate in guided tours around the current exhibitions. The visiting programme is conducted by experienced educators and is adjusted to our visitors’ needs. What makes our offer particularly rich is the thematic diversity: historical route, contemporary route and natural route. It is possible to choose the route and visiting time in advance. Adult guests visiting Orońsko may also use our offer of workshops. In the ceramic studio we will introduce you to the arcana of working with clay. The meetings are dedicated to small groups of amateurs of art who want to learn from scratch how to make sculptures and small functional objects.


If you cannot come to Orońsko in person, it is not a problem – meet us online. We offer group and individual activities. The permanent offer of the Centre of Polish Sculpture has been adapted to the mode of online education. We encourage you to use virtual space and meet our educators who conduct lessons for pupils of primary and secondary schools using inspiring didactic materials. We also offer online classes related to our current exhibitions. Each presentation in our gallery spaces provides new themes for a dialogue with the public and new inspirations to create cultural events. We also invite you to meet artists, participate in trainings for teachers, seminars and guided tours of exhibitions.


Within the framework our basic educational activity we establish collaboration with other institutions, centres, schools and colleges. We welcome external ideas, support socially engaged initiatives and willingly share our educational materials. Together we create innovative projects which allow us to go beyond the regular offer of the Centre. We have implemented projects with schools and NGOs, creating space for exchange of experiences between the museum and the local community – children from schools and nurseries, youth from childcare centres, inhabitants of the Orońsko county. The major ones include: ‘Field of Art’, ‘Green Orońsko’, ‘Educational Study’, ‘Power of Nature’, ‘Who Seeks, Does Not Blunder, Mural for Orońsko School’, ’Day of Senior Citizens’, ‘Carolling Together’, ‘Empty Bowls’.


We would like to invite kindergartens, schools, community day care centres, universities of the third age to participate in activities organized by the Education Department of the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko. We organize meetings on diverse themes, adjusted to participants’ age. They are conducted by educators and sometimes, artists themselves. The activities develop the artistic and cognitive skills as well as enable the implementation of integrated education programmes: history, Polish, art, nature and ecology.

How to book?
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    Choose the kind of activity from our offer.
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    Call or send an email; book the date two weeks in advance. Leave your phone number.
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    Specify the number of group members.
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    Discuss the terms of payments (invoice, receipt).

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