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Awayfromthe Centre

Organizing exhibitions away from the Centre results from the need to promote Polish contemporary art not only in Poland but also abroad. Focusing on various themes, prepared by curators collaborating with the institution, they show a whole cross-section of motifs inherent in Polish sculpture for decades, from haptic art or issues related to ecology and humanitarianism, to works functioning in the public space. Based to a large extent on the Orońsko collection, these exhibitions combine works of well-known artists with projects made by young generation artists, emphasizing promotion of the youngest Polish art and introducing it to the public. In 2019 Orońsko organized the first, so extensive foreign exhibition of the doyenne of Polish art Magdalena Abakanowicz at the National Museum in Riga.


The exhibition activities have been conducted by the Centre since its beginning. The first shows were organized at the Coach-House (1985), then at the Chapel (1987) Orangery (1988) and finally in 1992 the exhibition Polish Modern Sculpture inaugurated the work of the Museum of Contemporary Sculpture. So far at the Orońsko galleries, partner institutions and abroad, the Centre has organized almost 800 presentations including retrospectives, thematic or environmental exhibitions and presentations of our own collection. They showed works of debutants, artists known in international circles and those of world renown. Our major exhibitions presented works of Xawery Dunikowski, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Henry Moore or Tony Cragg as well as included cyclical projects such as The Young Triennial and Alphabet of Sculpture.

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