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The foundry continues the ancient traditions of casting techniques – using the lost wax process or sand technique. The equipment of the workshop includes tools for preparing silicon forms, moulding box pinholes, an oven for smelting bronze, an oven for lost wax casting, oven for casting moulds and a welder for welding non-ferrous metals. A number of auxiliary tools serve to file, polish or patinate casts.

The price for a cast is each time set after getting acquainted with the project.

The foundry offers the following services:
  • Casting sculptures using lost wax technology
  • Processing and patinating bronze sculptures
  • Casting sculptures from entrusted models
  • Welding non-ferrous metals
  • Producing silicon forms

Carpentry shop

Carperntry workshop provides possibilities for manual or machine woodworking. At its disposal it has a modern machine park with a buzz saw, shaper, planing machine, milling machine, drill and belt sander. All the wooden constructions that artists need can be produced here. It also fills special orders, e.g. for museum assortment: easels, stretchers of canvas, plinths, cubes, boxes for transportation of exhibits.

The price for the service is each time set after getting acquainted with the project.

Carpentry shop provides the following services:
  • Producing wooden constructions
  • Making transport boxes
  • Making plinths or bases for sculptures (full and skeleton ones)
  • Making frames, stretchers and sculpting tables
  • Making elements for exhibiting sculptures: screens, panels, platforms, etc


The SMITHY whose traditions go back to Brandt’s days, fulfills all orders connected with metal works – basic smithery or forming, welded metal construction, turning, milling, drilling, any locksmithing services. Making metal tools for sculptors using traditional methods e.g. when processing stone or wood is a separate field. These are first and foremost various chisels or gravers.

The price of service is always set after getting acquainted with the project.

METALWORK SHOP offers steel construction services and:
  • Basic manual sculpting tools
  • Metal bases for sculptures (frame or full construction)
  • Sculpting tables
  • Artisan metalwork
  • Turning, cutting, welding services

Ceramic studio

The ceramic studio offers assistance to artists coming to Orońsko for individual visits and workshops. It is equipped with three electric kilns for baking ceramics: (1) 750 l – 100 × 70× 90 cm oven, baking temperature 1320ºC; (2) 330 l – 79×57×70 cm oven, baking temperature 1300ºC; (3)top loader kiln 120l – baking temperature 1260ºC. Besides it is equipped with materials, tools and instruments necessary for producing ceramics: machine to mix clay, rolling machine, glazing box, as well as an outdoor gas kiln for making raku ware. The studio is run by Bogusław Dobrowolski, artist ceramicist, graduate of the State High School of Plastic Arts in Wrocław.

Price list:
  • Single baking in the ceramic oven — 1105 PLN / 1 m³
  • Single baking in the laboratory oven — 195 PLN
  • Baking raku ware — to be negotiated
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