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Kerb II

Krzysztof M. Bednarski

Date of creation 1980/2009
Technique granite, unsigned
Size 110 × 25 × 35 cm
ID number CRP.RZ.988; CRP.DEP.451
Method and date of collection Presented by Paweł Sosnowski, 2010; deposit, Appendix2 Gallery, Warsaw, 2009

1980/2009 (replica)

During a sculptural symposium of the Copper Mining Region ‘Granite’, the artist made Kerb – sculpture devoted to Jan Szeliga. In this work he used varied height and width of the profile which made a schematic profile of the human head, stretching along the whole length of the stone. This profile becomes visible at both ends of the sculpture in the form of the shadow cast on the ground.

  • Krawężnik II
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