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Opening 17 July, 2.00 p.m.
Place Orangery
Start date 17.07.2021
Curator Kacper Szalecki
End date 15.08.2021
Cooperation Weronika Elertowska

Doing nothing, have no worries

Drinking chilled beer in the shade

Lying in the grass, counting the clouds

Being broke and carefree

Chillax is a holiday picnic-exhibition. Far from the heat of the city, in the middle of the palace park we will present a selection of works from the collection of the Centre of Polish Sculpture which affirm, pleasure, relaxation and leisure. The title ‘chillax‘ comes from Zofia Woźna work, showing a portrait of a huddled girl.

In the reality of piling problems and flickering antagonisms, a focus on relaxation  may seem to be an attitude at least unwise, if not totally harmful.  An escape, dodge, idleness. Relaxation often justifies only increasing the work output.

But what if relaxation was a state not geared up for productivity? Sometimes you have to take a break and only look after your own well-being. The Orońsko park, like a green, utopian island filled with artworks, encourages to idealistic abandonment to pleasure. To lying in the grass, in the never-ending state of picnic.

The projects presented in the exhibition are also a certain record of the special time of creative work and artistic workshops where hard labour would mix with rest and relaxation like bonfires, walks and dances. Many of the selected objects have not left our storerooms for decades.

Enjoy the Chillax.


Teresa Brzóskiewicz

Wanda Czełkowska

Barbara Falender

Wiktor Gajda

O Dhe Hion

Jerzy Jarnuszkiewicz

Anna Kamieńska-Łapińska

Tomek Kawiak

Kijewski / Kocur

Natalia Lach-Lachowicz

Henryka Lasak-Piotrowska

Adam Procki

Antoni Przechrzta

Kacper Szalecki

Ludmiła Stehnova

Magdalena Więcek-Wnuk

Zofia Woźna

Barbara Zambrzycka-Śliwa

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