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Till it’s gone

Ida Karkoszka

Opening 17 July 2021 r., 3.15 p.m.
Place Józef Brandt’s Palace
Start date 17.07.2021
Curator Leszek Golec
End date 29.08.2021

Ida Karkoszka is a sculptor who raises issues rankling contemporary society. She gives  form to the emotions and thoughts she has in her daily life. The artist’s sculptures refer to current social and ecological problems. Her latest art stands in defence of animal rights. She protests against animal suffering for the sake of outdated fashion and enrichment of individuals.

Till It’s Gone is one of Karkoszka’s latest works. Over two-metre-tall sculpture of a fox is a response to the disgraceful actions of owners and workers of fur farms. During her work on the sculpture, the action ‘Give the Fur back to the Fox’ was held. People could bring old and new, unnecessary fur clothes to special containers, and Karkoszka later used them to finish her sculpture. Through social engagement the work became a polyphonic voice in the fight for the future of fur animals.


The action has been supported by:

Otwarte Klatki

Sklepy Wolne od Futer

Museum of Modern Art. In Warsaw

Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

Salon Akademii

International Culture Centre Nowy Teatr

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