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14th International Ceramic Art Workshop LAB ORO — Results of recruitment

14th International Ceramic Art Workshop LAB ORO 

Centre of Polish Sculpture, Orońsko 2022 

Results of recruitment

Our invitation to apply for the participation in the International Ceramic Art Workshop has met with a huge interest of artists working with ceramic materials. We would like to thank everybody for their applications. We have received many of them, from ceramicists from Poland and from abroad, from artists who can boast of great achievements in this domain. Each year we host 5 or 6 artists, giving them the possibility of  3‑week-long work with clay including baking, as well as providing with accommodation and full board. This year we managed to make group larger. On the basis of the submitted applications, the CRP Director Maciej Aleksandrowicz and the workshop curator Bogusław Dobrowolski have selected the following participants of the 14th International Ceramic Art Workshop:

  • Jakub Biewald
  • Dorota Grześkiewicz
  • Malwina Kowalewska
  • Lidia Kostanek
  • Anna Kozłowska-Łuc
  • Elina Titane
  • Michał Żesławski

We would like to thank all the artists for their applications and we kindly invite you to apply again next year.

  • International Ceramic Art Workshop LAB ORO
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