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I thought the earth remembered me, she took me back so tenderly

Miłosz Flis

Place Orangery
Start date 14.05.2022
Curator Leszek Golec
End date 12.06.2022

We are the universe in the same way as a neutron star or a black hole. After all, we consist of the same elements as the objects we produce and which surround us. We drink the same water that was drunk by the first people, dinosaurs, the first metazoans.

The climate crisis, threat of atomic war or even the risk of a meteorite crashing into the Earth cause that in the perspective of the next few decades the survival of humankind seems doubtful. Despite alarming scientific predictions, the humankind is still divided; we desperately focus on retaining the status quo.

During work on this exhibition I was all the time haunted by a thought of inevitable extinction of humankind. I tried to look at that event from the cosmic perspective. Overwhelmed by my own powerlessness I got rid of sadness. I adopted an attitude of acceptance in the spirit of optimistic nihilism.

The exhibition was divided into three parts, respectively referring to distant past, presence and future. In the first one I fantasize about the forms that might have been taken by beings immersed in the primitive matter. In the presence I’ve placed an object which is supposed to outline the condition of contemporary man, while the future reflects my – human need to leave a mark behind. A dream that the Earth remembers us.

  • „March of Chinese ladybugs”, fot. Miłosz Flis
  • „The bugs”, fot. Miłosz Flis
  • Fot. nr.3
  • Fot. nr.2
  • Fot. nr.1
  • Fot. nr 7
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