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OPEN CALL to volunteers-assistants

10 May 2023 – 10 July 2023

International Symposium of Contemporary Sculpture

4th Edition: 2023

We are inviting students of the last years and graduates of artistic universities (up to 2 years after graduation) to take part in the International Symposium of Contemporary Sculpture, which is supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and private entities. Persons qualified to take part in the Symposium will have a chance to act as “volunteers-assistants” that will support professional sculptors. As part of the event, they will be able to present their own creative idea in the artistic environment, including curators, educators and collectors.

The information about the chosen volunteers will be published in the Centre’s website and FB profile and will be sent to the applicants by e‑mail within 7 days of the end of the selection process.

The Symposium of Contemporary Sculpture includes workshops for sculptors which are organised and held within the Centre’s facilities for 10 professional artists and 10 young volunteers acting as assistants. Apart from creative workshops, the programme of the Symposium will include lectures and discussions on important challenges of contemporary culture and the way professional sculptors face them. Lectures will be given by excellent specialists: artists, architects, urbanists, critics and historians of art, philosophers, anthropologists, lecturers of urban studies, activists and users of public space, as well as representatives of local governments responsible for public space arranging and planning.


Date of the Symposium: 3–17 September 2023
Organiser: Centrum Rzeźby Polskiej in Orońsko
Organiser representative: Agata Zboromirska

Subject: Damages and repairs


To be qualified to the Symposium, the following materials must be prepared and provided to the Centre by 10 July 2023:

  1. an application form
  2. a scan of the signed information clause on the protection of personal data of the applicants in accordance with the GDPR.


Please, send the application form and the scanned and signed information clause by e‑mail to the following address:

Please address all questions concerning applications by e‑mail to

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